Hi There, 2016.

Happy New Year!


Time Flies when you are in neutral.

Reflection can either be good, or bad, depending on the attitude and mindset of whomever may be executing the task.  One may not want this year to end, while another simply can not wait for their new beginning.  Personally I am neutral.  It was neither good nor bad.  It just was.  Although I think most can relate to the fact that each year seems to be passing faster than the last.  Why?  I don’t know.  Perhaps the Sun’s gravitational force is drawing the Earth closer, therefore decreasing the circumferential distance travelled each orbit.  Or perhaps it’s all in my head.  Excitedly I anticipate addressing such issues in the future.  Stay tuned.

Whether it was a good year or not, it’s over.  Giddy up 2016.

To party, or not to party.  Is that a question?

Thankfully the days of inebriation beyond the point of delirium are well and truly behind me.  However there will be a massive number of folk who will be desperately attempting to squeeze copious amounts of alcohol (and whatever other substances they find available) into their bodies, in order for them to be able to “enjoy” the “celebration”.

Until the morning.

The morning of January  1st can be sad yet simultaneously hilarious, as the carcasses lay strewn about every beach, footpath and random neighbours’ garden throughout the land.  The thumping within their heads creating a vibration through the Earth.  Scientists say the resonance from this vibration travels  throughout our Solar System and can be detected from the International Space Station.  Just kidding.  Scientists don’t say things like that at all.  In fact a scientific study found that one in three Scientists never say anything.  Ever.

man-216990_960_720Scientists. Obviously not saying anything.

In conclusion, I can safely deduce that for the introduction to 2016, I will not be partying.  These days  I much prefer to see the New Year in by being close to the people I love, quietly looking up to the sky, wondering what it is all about.

Live in the present

Slowly I am learning not to dwell in the past, or hope for the future.  For it is always now.  It makes perfect sense to situate oneself in the present, although in practice this is not always as simple as it sounds.  Fortunately I embrace a challenge, and if the outcome is an achievement of inner peace then I gladly accept it.

If all of the Earths inhabitants were to simultaneously achieve inner peace, then perhaps that would bring peace to the Earth.  No greed, No guilt, No shame, No hate.  Nothing but love.  That would be good.  Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like if John Lennon hadn’t been assassinated.  Can one person really change the world?  Maybe not, but one person can initiate an idea that flows through many, and eventually all people, to create a change.  Well that’s what the Scientists say anyhow.

Happy New Year to one and all, however you celebrate it, stay safe.  See you next year.

Peace be with you!


Peace and Love.


Nature is your Mother, Respect her!


Nature, Nature.  All Around.

Being fortunate enough to have grown up in Tropical North Queensland (before the onset of “advanced” communicative technology), there was little choice but to develop an everlasting bond with Nature.  And the more I think about it, the more I realize that Nature should indeed be regarded as Our Mother.

It is a relationship that is severely lacking in modern times as the vast majority of the population have no time for the Natural World – preferring to remain glued to their screens, eyes down, buttocks firmly attached to a seating apparatus, in the vain hope that the ever-expanding void within their soul will be banished immediately by somebody they have never met “liking” or “commenting” on an absolutely irrelevant and unnecessary bit of jargon they blatantly stole from someone else.

If the electricity goes out, even for just a few hours, all hell breaks loose. As though the sky is literally falling down around us.  It’s only a matter of time until the zombies wake up, then what??!! WHAT THEN?! Oh wait the power is back on, I’m cool.. I’m cool.  Time to login and complain about the stupid power companies messing with my pointless non-filling of the ever-expanding soul void thing I’ve been working on for the last decade or so, that’ll show them!


Stupid Power Companies.


The general relationship modern mankind has with nature can be compared to that of a headstrong teenage brat and their mother. We could be harnessing the infinite love, beauty and inspiration she showers upon us.  No.  We are far too “cool” for that.  Stop cramping my style Mum,  I’ve got fake friends to impress!  I don’t want to hang out with you Mum, this screen isn’t going to stare at itself you know!  As if I need to know all the important lessons you’ve learned that have been passed down through so many generations, when I have to click refresh right now!

How quickly we forget (or perhaps many have never understood) that for the past 50,000 years or more, humans have survived without electricity, without having to know what everybody thinks about absolutely everything, every minute of every single day.

“You only need 4 things to survive”, my Dad told me.

“Food.  Water.  Shelter.  Clothes.  Everything else is a luxury.”


You do not need this.

Need Vs. Want

“There is a big difference between wanting and needing something”.  These are words that reverberate continuously in my sub-conscious mind.

We are not human beings, we are humans being.  And quite frankly most of us are humans being pretty bloody stupid most of the time.  We have lost our way, forgotten.

All we need to do, is survive.  The only things  we need in order to survive is Food, Water, Shelter and Clothing.  We do not need to watch a screen for 18 hours while it tries to sell us more stuff that we don’t need.

We DO need to take care of our Mother, for she is slowly dying.  And it is we who are contributing, albeit blindly, to her grim demise.

Get outside!

The very least I could possibly hope for is that after reading this you are inspired to get outside and breathe some fresh air.  Get out there, find a park, a river, a forest. Go to the beach.  Feel it, breathe it, BE it.

Go and spend some time with your Mother!