Imagination or Reality? Which is more important?

To a degree imagination is reality, and vice versa.  Although it may not be obvious since we are all (mostly) grown-up developed individuals with goals and responsibilities, the reality that we perceive is greatly influenced by our own imagination.  The human brain is notorious for playing tricks, and given that it is the organ that controls our bodies, it can be quite convincing.  This is what gives each and every one of us an individual identity.  Your imagination, or your perceived reality is what separates you from everybody else.


Life is interesting due to this phenomenon because  essentially, in a physical and chemical sense, we are all the same.  Environmental influence does also play a role in development, although personally I believe this is negligible in comparison to the power of the mind.  Allow me to elaborate.

Mind over Matter

Albert Einstein is a famous example of this.  His childhood was not what one would consider ideal for developing an academic genius.  It is widely documented that he did not utter a single word until the age of 4.  He did not wish to conform to the conventional understanding or methods applied in teaching students.  Happenings in the outside world did not particularly favour him becoming a success either.


Albert Einstein

However none of these factors stopped him from making what could arguably be some of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time.  Many of which, still to this day, have the greatest academic minds  on our planet scratching their heads in awe and bewilderment. (As well as my own mind: E = what squared? MC! Of course, now that he says it, it’s blatantly obvious!)  So how did he do it?  What was it that separated him from his peers (or even his teachers)?  After all, they mostly followed what would be considered the correct path to success.   They obeyed the rules, they were raised well and enjoyed a high quality of life.  How then, could this wild haired scallywag possibly be able to accomplish such incredible achievements, surpassing all of theirs combined and turning the world of physics on its head?

That’s right.  Imagination.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein.

There are many other famous examples of people who, despite growing up in an environment most would consider less than ideal for cultivating brilliance, go on to achieve remarkable success.  This seems to bother many folk, particularly those who come from “the higher end of town”, with the resulting frustration often initiating a jealous reaction, which in turn further exacerbates the preliminary feeling of bother.

Focusing on what others are doing will ultimately lead to ones own demise.

Child’s play.

(This paragraph includes some great parenting advice and tips, provided to you absolutely FREE!  You can thank me in the Comments section below)

The mind is amazing, undoubtedly.  It’s growth and development begins very early on, some argue even prior to birth.  Consequently the early years in life are regarded as crucial since the neurological pathways of the brain are being drawn.  They are literally wiring themselves for the future.  So put good stuff in there!  (TV is not an educator, it is a brain-washer, so take the time to involve yourself in your child’s activities.  Don’t be lazy, unless you want your kids to be lazy).

Encourage imagination.

Let your children draw.  That picture may not look like a giraffe or an elephant to you, but in their reality it IS.  

Let them play.  Play with them.  Every child needs parents who actively involve themselves in their life.  If you want them to be open, honest and involved with you when they are teenagers, show them the same respect when they are younger.


Imagination and creativity are vital to a child’s intellectual development.

Children are instinctively programmed with the desire to be what their parents are.  So be a good example.  Try to have a positive attitude, particularly when in highly stressful situations such as traffic jams or waiting in a queue.  If you open a letter and it happens to be an overdue bill or some news that you are not particularly fond of – don’t swear at it and throw it on the table while you openly vent your frustration.  Keep calm, smile.

Be the person you want your child to grow up to be.  If you keep a positive frame of mind it won’t be long until you notice your very own reality beginning to change for the better.

I believe it was Wayne Dyer who said, “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”

In conclusion

All in all, the point I am attempting to purvey is that the distinction between imagination and reality is extremely blurred.  The health and status of ones mental perception is imperative, for it is directly correlated to the pending reality in which one dwells.

To answer the headlining question – “Imagination or Reality? Which is more important?”

I say: Neither.

They are but one in the same.


The person who drew this was, at some point, a child learning to draw.


In an attempt to make a point, it seems as though I unwittingly transformed this article into a lecture on parenting.

I offer absolutely no apology for this development, because all of the advice given is good advice.  Thank you for reading.




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